Feed Your Family What They Want

Feed Your Family What They Want

No matter what the occasion may be, getting together with your family is always a fun time. All the different personalities coming over to enjoy food and each other’s company is truly a really special thing.


Yet with that comes differing views on topics such as what to eat. You can order them a traditional sheet pizza, but when it comes to the appetizers, people are going to have different preferences.


Let The Food Match The Person!


Some of your family may like to keep it simple when it comes to their appetizers. In that instance you could select from Wings, French fries or something even simpler like bread sticks.


Other family members may like it hot when it comes to their accompanying sides. If this scenario were to pop up, you could order some poppers.


When it comes to someone who can’t get enough cheese, order them a side of mozzarella sticks filled to the brim with fresh mozzarella. Of course, even though you ordered pizza, there may be a pizza fanatic in your family and for them a side order of pizza logs with marinara sauce should do the trick.


Bocce Club Pizza is a traditional Buffalo pizzeria offering the best pizza and appetizers including French fries, onion rings and much more. No matter what your guests might want to eat, we have got you covered. For more information on our history or food selection, please feel free to contact us today!

Chicken Wings Versus Chicken Fingers

Chicken Wings Versus Chicken Fingers

Pizza itself is a delicious and comforting meal, but it is even better with chicken wings or chicken fingers. Together, you have one of the best meals for a fun family night, party, or just because you want it.


The choice of chicken wings over chicken fingers or vice versa is a personal preference. Some say they like the tender meat of a chicken wing with others would rather have the crispy and crunchy outside of a chicken finger.


To most people, comparing chicken wings to chicken fingers is similar to comparing apples to oranges.


Possible Negatives:


  • Chicken wings can be messy, greasy, and difficult to eat because you have to do so with fingers.
  • Chicken fingers can taste bland if not mixed with a sauce and the meat is not as tender as a chicken wing.


Definite Positives: Chicken Wings Versus Chicken Fingers


  • Both are deep fried for a crispy outer layer
  • Can be mixed with a BBQ or hot sauce
  • Can be eaten as a finger food
  • Simply delicious
  • You decide which flavor you want: Hot, medium or mild? Saucy or plain? Spicy or sweet?


The good news is that for either food that you like best, whether it is chicken wings or chicken fingers, you will find a place that cooks them the best to your liking.


Bocce Club Pizza cooks amazing wings and chicken fingers hot to order. We can flavor them as well as cook them plain. Visit our website to see what kind of wings and fingers we have to order.

Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function

Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function

Having a big company function or get together at work that will involve feeding of your employees? Or would you like to reward your employees with a lunch they can all enjoy? Well there are many solutions but only one answer will satisfy the unique tastes of the hungry masses, have your lunch catered by a delicious, pizzeria with extensively food rich menu!


It is no secret that happy employees are the most productive workers and showing them how much you appreciate them can go a long way. When food is promised, it must be something that all can enjoy and with variety. Party Salads, Garlic Bread, Party Sub Platters, Buckets of Flavored Wings, drinks, desserts and of course the real catch, sheets of Specialty Pizzas!


What Pizzeria Restaurant Can Help With This Savory Catered Business Expense?


Well there are many Buffalo pizzerias but only one that is always chosen as the best pizzeria in town.Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function


Call ahead or order online to ensure that your catered lunch will be made correctly and delivered on time. Don’t forget there are many Bocce Club Specials to choose from to so you can save money as well!


Remember Bocce Club Pizza uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients. From 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough that is made from scratch and hand stretched daily. We also mix our distinctive secret pizza sauce each and every day.


Go ahead, let your employees scarf down on something they all can enjoy from Bocce’s!


To get more periodic offers, join our text club by texting “Bocce” to 40518!



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Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Super Sunday

Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Super Bowl Sunday

We are only about a week away from the sports nights to end all sports nights, Super Sunday. The lucky football fanatics who are attending the game in Arizona have purchased their tickets, gotten their flights ready and are excited for the action and after parties. For those who are watching at home with family and friends, the televisions will be set to record all the sports drama, as well as the brand new commercials, which have been produced and coveted in anticipation of the big night.


This year’s game is going to be another monstrous battle between the best teams from both conferences. Defending champions led by Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks look to dismantle the “dynasty” that Bill Belichick has created in New England with the Patriots. With the Lombardi Trophy on the line, who knows what might happen.Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Super Bowl Sunday


Putting all that thought into who is going to win might even exhaust you by the time game day comes. However will you survive?


Great Bocce Super Party Eats To The Rescue!


Food! You will need great, delicious food to help you get through the night. If you are fortunate to be hosting a big game party at your house, you will need sustenance for the fellow fanatics. Yelling at the TV because of a horrible call or being upset when you see Tom Brady throw a touchdown can take a lot of energy.


Your only course of action is to order from Bocce’s. Get your orders in quick because the day is approaching and as it being one of the top days for ordering pizza, you know you don’t want to wait to get your hands on those mouthwatering slices of cheese and pepperoni. For those who are feeling adventurous, try a specialty sheet pizza!


Add in some appetizers and sides like chicken wings, breadsticks, boneless bites and whatever else might appeal to your guest’s taste buds.


Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before ThanksgivingIf you are a football fan that loves Bocce Club Pizza and want to be the Super champion of the party, grab one of our specialty Half-Baked Pizzas! Simply place your pizza into your friend’s preheated, 450-degree oven and bake for 5-8 minutes. Party in a box!


Contact us at Bocce Club Pizza today and get your orders in before it’s too late!



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Don’t Wait Till Friday Just To Eat A Delicious Fish Fry At Bocce’s!


There are a few myths that need to be broken in the world of restaurant – takeout eating. One is that pizza is unhealthy, which is just not true (Read Eating Healthy, Gluten-Free Pizza in 2015). Another myth that needs to be busted is that fish fry is only meant to be eaten on Friday. It’s true; Friday’s are great days for takeout or going to the restaurant to eat.


After a week of work or whatever you might be doing to help provide for yourself and your family, it’s nice to not have to cook a meal. This type of thought can be any day, not just Friday, which is especially true when it comes to ordering and eating a Fish Fry.


Yes, there is the common alliteration of saying and advertising, “Friday Fish Fry!” or “Fish Fry Friday!”, that seems to be synonymous with many restaurants, but like all good things why wait till Friday to eat one?


Don’t Wait Till Friday Just To Eat A Delicious Fish Fry At Bocce’s!

Get The Best Fish Fry In Buffalo Today!


Go ahead, let loose and trick your belly into feeling like it’s a Friday. Get that scrumptious, well-prepared 10oz. Beer Battered Haddock and don’t feel like you cheated on Friday. Think of it as enjoying the finer things in life.


Bocce Club Pizza can help you with your fish fry craving! With the best fish fry in Buffalo, Bocce’s fish fry can satisfy and curb any hankering for fish, and it is available seven days a week! You could have seven days of fish fry if you were feeling frisky enough, but let’s be honest you know you want a slice or two of Bocce Club Pizza as well.


So order your fish fry today or any day and when you don’t want fish, check out the extensive menu at Bocce’s . Order online or call into either Amherst location. Don’t forget, if you are visiting out of state, live out of Buffalo or want to send a gift; Bocce’s can be delivered NATIONWIDE! In fact, whether they live in Buffalo or not, for those who know Bocce Club—pizza just isn’t pizza unless it’s Bocce Club Pizza. Get your tasty fish fry or delicious pizza today!



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What Food Goes Best With Pizza? Buffalo Chicken Fingers And Wings!

What Food Goes Best With Pizza? Buffalo Chicken Fingers And Wings!

Today, pizza is a major staple in the American diet. Bocce Club Pizza has been around since 1946, when Dino Pacciotti stumbled across an old pizza oven in the basement of his newly purchased restaurant, as a little Italian restaurant on Buffalo’s East Side and quickly grew into a Buffalo tradition. If you have had pizza from Bocce’s then you know it is made with the freshest, most natural ingredients – from 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough that is actually made from scratch daily!


Pizza isn’t the only food that Bocce Club is known for. Did you know about Bocce’s other delicious and tantalizing menu items that can fulfill any customer’s order to satisfaction? It is Buffalo, so every great pizzeria has to have their best Traditional Buffalo side offerings – Buffalo Chicken Fingers and Chicken Wings!


Appetizers That Are Appetizing


Buffalo is known for the creation of the chicken wings. Wings, fingers, and boneless wing bites, are a great compliment to any tasty specialty pizza. Each one can be an appetizer or use them in your own meals.


Take the boneless wing bites for instance. You can have them flavored with the traditional wing sauce or Bocce’s own BBQ sauce and then add them into a salad or top them on your pizza to add more flavor. You can do the same with the chicken fingers as well. To sweeten the delicious meal even more, Bocce’s offers various specials when ordering pizza and boneless bites or chicken fingers!What Food Goes Best With Pizza? Buffalo Chicken Fingers And Wings!


Don’t forget, chicken wings go with pizza as peanut butter goes with jelly. If you have one, you have to have the other, so grab a bucket of your favorite Regular Buffalo-style Wings or Over-The-Pit Grilled Wings with your next order.


Ordering take out in Amherst, NY has never been easier.  You can order Buffalo style wings, chicken fingers, or boneless wing bites right from our website.  We offer Bocce BBQ sauce and the traditional hot, medium, or mild sauces too! Order today!



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