Why is Mozzarella Cheese Used in Pizza?

Mozzarella Cheese Mozzarella is a white/yellow cheese originating from southern Italy. Traditionally, it’s made from Italian buffalo milk and known for its high moisture content. As a semi-soft cheese, it’s the most popular choice for pizza lovers the world over.

Interestingly, research has been done by scientists in New Zealand and China determining that mozzarella is “the best cheese for pizza.” If you take a look at the Journal of Food Science, their findings are titled, “Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality.” Seriously.

The researchers took a look at different types of cheeses for pizza, including mozzarella, cheddar, Colby, Edam, Emmental, gruyere and provolone. They examined the browning and blistering of the various cheeses, measuring things like the amount of free oil involved as well as transition temperature. Essentially, they quantified browning and blistering behavior of cheeses on pizzas. Tests were done in triplicate.

Long story short, mozzarella stood out from the competition due to several factors, including its unique stretchability. Researchers determined that mozzarella is best for pizza because it melts, bubbles and browns better than any other cheese available.

Bocce Club Pizza agrees with the researchers’ findings. Bocce’s uses only the finest ingredients including 100% whole milk Sorrento mozzarella cheese. Meanwhile, if you like to mix it up a bit, there are a couple other cheeses you can add to your freshly-made Bocce pizza. Provolone is popular, as well as cheddar, American and Romano.

Bocce Club Pizza also offers “White Pizza.” For instance, you can order the Gourmet version, which includes grated parmesan and mozzarella cheese, as well as oil, black pepper, onions and black olives. The Traditional version, meanwhile, combines both parmesan and mozzarella with sliced tomatoes.

Can you imagine eating pizza without any cheese on it, at all? That would be hard to even imagine. Mozzarella is a key ingredient that helps make Bocce Club Pizza taste so, so good!

A Tasty New Item Has Been Added to Bocce’s Menu

Pizza and wings are a Western New York staple. They work well for family dinners, football parties, and pretty much any event where you’ve got a bunch of people to feed and you don’t want to cook for all of them. Ordering pizza and wings from Bocce Club Pizza is a piece of cake– well, more like a piece of pizza, right? But every now and then you might wonder, “What else is there? Is there anything new and interesting for me to order and try?” Today’s your lucky day– Buffalo Crunch Rolls have arrived, and they’re a hit!

If you were at the National Buffalo Wing Festival this year, you should know that an innovative concoction known as the Buffalo Crunch Roll won the “Best New Product” category. If you weren’t at the festival, you might be asking yourself, “What is a Buffalo Crunch Roll?”

The Original Buffalo Crunch Roll is 100% tender white meat slowly cooked in spicy Buffalo sauce and then mixed with a bunch of cheeses. Then, it’s hand-wrapped in a crispy shell and coated with a secret recipe breading that gives it a unique crunch. It kind of looks like a chicken wing crossed with a sandwich.

The Buffalo Crunch Roll made its debut in the Buffalo area, and you can currently try them at Bocce Club Pizza’s area locations on Bailey in Amherst and on Hopkins in East Amherst. Bocce’s serves the vegetarian version with banana peppers and cheese for $7.36 as well as the one with chicken, banana peppers and cheese for a dollar extra– $8.36.

The food item, invented here in Buffalo, is likely to become a national favorite much like the beloved Buffalo wings people enjoy coast-to-coast– and internationally.

Bocce Club Pizza has been providing Western New Yorkers with delicious food since 1946. Even now, in 2016, Bocce’s continues to come up with new and interesting food items– be sure and try The Buffalo Crunch Roll.

New Menu Items

Do You Love Hot Sauce On Your Food?

Hot Sauce Most people add hot sauce to their food simply because they like the taste of it, right? It turns out that adding hot sauce to food actually has some benefits you might never have even considered before.

First, hot sauce has Capsaicin. This is a big, fancy word to describe a component of chili peppers producing a burning sensation in any tissue with which it comes into contact. You might think, “How does that benefit me?” Capsaicin causes an endorphin rush to your body which turns out to be a remedy for pain and certain medical conditions like depression. Endorphins work to block the heat causing you pain. They activate the body’s opiate receptors causing an analgesic effect. In other words, they make you feel good!

Next, Capsaicin and other things found in chili peppers (which are found in hot sauce) can also help suppress a person’s appetite (which can help with weight loss), kill off prostate cancer cells, get rid of ear infections, treat heartburn and help heal ulcers. Pretty cool, huh?

Also, if you have a stuffy head, hot sauce helps clear your sinuses. With the Buffalo-area weather the way it is, you might need a lot of hot sauce this season for that exact purpose! It can also help treat a cold, battle depression, and even reduce high blood pressure.

Finally, adding hot sauce to foods you get from Bocce Club Pizza can add some flavor and “zing” to enhance the overall eating experience. If you like your stuff “hot,” then add some hot sauce.

Did you know Bocce Club Pizza offers customers Bocce BBQ sauce or traditional ones like mild, medium, or hot? If you’re in the mood for Buffalo Chicken Wings or Boneless Wing Bites, don’t hesitate to call 716-833-1344 (North Bailey Amherst location) or 716-689-2345 (Hopkins East Amherst location) to place your order today.

Pizza and Wings Are an Ideal Halloween Meal

Halloween On October thirty-one, when the sun goes to rest, it’s the night of trick-or-treat when fun is at its best. Ghosts and goblins roam the streets, from Ransom Oaks to Farmington Woods and beyond.

For some Western New Yorkers, they live on a street where no kids come around asking for candy on Halloween. Boring! Others live in neighborhoods and developments where there’s a steady stream of kids all night long. Exhausting! How many of you remember when you were younger and you’d ask around to see where “the best” place was to go to get a lot of candy?

Halloween is the one time of the year when it’s socially acceptable to dress up in a costume and go from house to house asking for candy. Kids love getting the good stuff, like Snickers bars, and– let’s be honest– they hate getting the bad stuff, like pencils, pennies, and, God forbid, apples. Apples aren’t candy!

Now after you and the little ones have come back from your jaunt on Halloween what’s the logical choice for a Halloween meal? The obvious choice– the one that makes everyone in the family happy– is pizza and wings from Bocce Club Pizza.

Why order pizza and wings on Halloween night? Well, for starters you won’t have to cook dinner– the guys and gals at Bocce’s will. Next, pizza and wings is something most people can agree on, and it’s food most people love. Finally, it’s the kind of food you can eat with your hands, and it goes great with pop. It’s fun food for a fun night.

This Halloween, don’t waste time in the kitchen preparing a meal. Call Bocce Club Pizza to order pizza and wings. Pick it up right after you’re done trick-or-treating. Bring it home, put it on the table, and enjoy. It’ll be warm, tasty and delicious. Plus, you can eat your dinner while looking through the bags and pumpkins full of candy, sorting out the good stuff from the bad. Oh, and one more thing: if you don’t want to bother picking up your pizza and wings, just have it delivered right to your door!

The Best Ways to Eat Pizza the Next Day

Leftover PizzaSome people love cold pizza. It’s not that unusual for people to buy a fresh, warm Bocce Club Pizza one day, eat some of it, and then put the rest in the fridge. The next day, they take it out of the fridge and eat their pizza cold. It makes for an exciting breakfast, lunch or dinner the next day. In some cases, it’s the “Midnight snack,” and that’s a good a time as any, since any time is a good time to eat pizza!

Now eating cold pizza straight from the fridge is easy, right? But what about doing other things to the pizza to make it, shall we say, interesting?

How about this: take cold pizza and place it face down on a pre-heated skillet. After a couple minutes (about five) flip it over and cook the other side for a bit, too. If you want to add a little water (say two teaspoons) to the bottom of the skillet, try that, too. Do you like eggs? Try combining pizza pieces with two eggs, cheese, milk and salt in the skillet to make “pizza eggs.”

Have you ever waffle-ironed your leftover pizza? First cut off the crust. Then add some toppings to the pizza, such as tomatoes or green peppers. Fold it up and place it on the warm waffle iron for about five minutes. If you want to add some marinara sauce, go for it!

For those who like to microwave pizza, how can you avoid a soggy crust? Fill up a microwave-safe glass with water and place it near the pizza in the microwave. Heat up the pizza for 45 seconds and it’ll taste great– not soggy.

How about frying up little pizza squares such that they become pizza croutons– now those would taste great in a soup or salad. To make pizza squares, get rid of the crust and then slice the pizza into strips to ultimately create square cubes. Then, take each square, pairing them up together with the cheese sides facing each other. You can use a panini maker (or the back of a spatula) to apply some pressure to these squares to warm and fuse them together, creating pizza croutons.

Pizza is such a versatile food; it’s no wonder people love it!

Frozen Pizza vs Fresh Pizza

PizzaFrozen pizzas are ubiquitous. They’re seemingly available everywhere from truck stops to gas stations and, of course, the frozen food aisles of places like Wegmans, Tops and Super Walmart. If you’ve ever eaten frozen pizza before– and chances are you have–you know that sometimes they can taste great, but most times they just don’t compare to fresh pizza like the kind you’d get from Bocce’s.

With frozen pizzas, you have to buy them, store them in your freezer, and, eventually, heat them up in an oven or a microwave. With fresh pizza, you can either go to the local Bocce’s to pick it up, or, better yet, have it delivered nice and warm right to your home in time for your party or the Bills game.

Imagine it’s really cold outside in Buffalo in the winter. You have no frozen pizzas at home but you’re craving pizza like there’s no tomorrow. Rather than dress up to go out and get your pizza, isn’t it nice to call Bocce’s, tell them what you want, and have it delivered to your door, through the snow, nice and warm and fresh? You bet it is!

Meanwhile, we need to talk about taste… again. There’s something about handmade Bocce’s pizza that tastes so darn delicious that people from other states want it. You can’t always say that about the various frozen pizzas in stores, right? Ask around and you’ll discover that many people are not fans of frozen pizza and their comments explain why:
“It tastes like cardboard.”

“Where’s the flavor?”

“This crust hurts me teeth.”

“The sausage is mushy and gross.”

“Too much cheese, not enough sauce.”

“Too much sauce, not enough cheese.”

“The cheese tastes like plastic.”

Bocce’s Club Pizza has been in business for many, many years, and that’s because people love Bocce’s pizza. Don’t waste your time with frozen pizza; get fresh pizza from Bocce’s instead. Call the Amherst location at 833-1344 or the East Amherst location at 689-2345 to place your order today.

What Does the word ‘Bocce’ Mean to You?

Bocce When you mention Bocce Club Pizza in Western New York, you automatically think of pizza. Bocce, though, is also associated with an Italian sport.

Throwing balls toward a target is literally the oldest game known to mankind. Back around 5000 B.C. the ancient Egyptians were doing it using polished rocks. Around 800 B.C. this simple-but-fun ball sport also took place in Greece. From there, the Romans brought it to Italy. The name “bocce” actually comes from the Latin word meaning boss. However, it also is the plural form of the Italian word boccia, which means bowl in the sporting sense (like bowling).

If someone asks you what bocce is, you can tell them it’s the best pizza in Western New York. You can also say it’s lawn bowling!

So how does bocce, the sport, work? It’s traditionally played on natural soil and asphalt courts. Bocce balls are spherical and made of plastic or metal. There’s a smaller ball, known as the jack, that gets thrown first, to the far end of the court. Then players compete to see who can underhandedly toss/roll their ball(s) closest to the jack to score points. Generally, a point is awarded when a player’s ball is closest to the jack, compared to other balls in the vicinity, such that games are played until a person or team gets 7 to 13 points, depending on the agreed upon “winning” amount of points.

Did you know there are public bocce courts not too far from Bocce Club Pizza? If you visit Bassett Park in Amherst (at the corner of Klein and Youngs), you’ll often find gripss playing games on the bocce courts there. Why not get a slice of Bocce Club Pizza (or a whole pizza) and take it to the park to eat while the weather’s nice? There you can watch a bocce game while eating Bocce’s.