Subs Are A Great Quick Pick Up Lunch Meal

Subs Are A Great Quick Pick Up Lunch Meal

Being short on time in the morning leads to poor packing of a work lunch or not packing one at all. It can be quite difficult to get through a long and busy work day without a sustainable amount of food to keep energy levels high and concentration at best.


Sure you can visit the local fast food place for any number of their menu options, but that is not a healthy or cost friendly choice. What’s you need is something quick, but made with fresh ingredients that will keep you fuller for longer and feeling good.


A sub is one of the best options for a midday meal. Not only is it completely filling, you can customize it with your likings. The options for freshness and healthy vegetables and meats are endless. Oh, and you can have it hot or cold.


A submarine is a suitable and desirable lunch because it’s low in calories but does not leave you feeling as though cravings go unsatisfied or you need a quick snack to fill you up. No more unrelenting punishment from dieting or eating so healthy you feel deprived. Subs are an all-around winning meal.


Let’s not forget the convenience of a sub. Subs are quick to make and even quicker to eat, and sometimes you might even have enough left over for the ride home.


At Bocce Club Pizza, we don’t just specialize in homemade pizzas, we also make fresh and ready to go submarines. We have a variety of bread, meat, cheese, vegetable and dressing options. Feel free to browse our website menu, order online, or stop by on your next lunch break.