5 Leftover Pizza Hacks You Will Want To Try

5 Leftover Pizza Hacks You Will Want To Try

We have all had that inner struggle – what will we do with our leftover pizza?


The pizza box staring at you from inside the refrigerator (at least we hope that is where you left it…) waiting to be opened, asking you to enjoy that delicious pizza a second time around.


Some of us poor souls can’t always mentally check back into pizza mode, not wanting to eat it the next day or later.


But as conservation specialists, not wanting to waste food or money, we must find new and effective ways to consume this leftover pizza all the while making it still tasty as it was when we first ordered it.


Here Are 5 Leftover Pizza Hacks That Everyone Will Enjoy


1.Pizza Lasagna Or Pizza Cake – Do the words pizza and cake make your water instantly? Us too. Remove the crust of the pizza; lay a few of the leftover slices onto a baking dish with tomato sauce. Add a layer of mozzarella, ricotta, and more sauce then repeat. Put two slices on top face down, then cook your lasagna in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees and you have your new meal!


2. Pizza Croutons – Want to spice up your salad? Remove the crust of your leftovers, and cut the slices into 1-inch pieces. Put these pieces in 1 tbsp. of olive oil, and then place them onto a baking sheet. Bake them in the oven for about 8 minutes, let them cool and adorn them on your salad. If you’re feeling frisky, add them to your favorite soup.


3. Pizza And Eggs – Breakfast of champions. Combine a slice of pizza, two eggs, cheese, tbsp. of milk, and a pinch of salt. Cook on a griddle or skillet, like French toast, until fluffy, add some hot sauce if you’d like and it’s a breakfast feast.


4. Pizza Panini – With the use of a Panini press, or pan with a lid, you can create this leftover delectable. With 4 slices of pizza, cover them with mozzarella and prosciutto. Fold over each slice just like a Panini sandwich, and place them into the press. Cook the slices until the cheese is melted and enjoy!


5. Just Want Leftover Pizza? – So after much consideration, you’ve come to the conclusion that your Bocce’s pizza is just too great to do anything else but heat up and eat? We have a trick you can use to keep your leftover pizza just as fresh as it was the day you bought it. Want to microwave your slices without drying out your crust? Add a cup of water when you microwave your slices to avoid the soggy crust. Want to reheat it in on the stove? Place the slice face down into a pan and cook on medium heat until the cheese has gotten a good melt.


At Bocce Club Pizza, we know you will enjoy your pizza enough the first time to try one of these cool leftover pizza hacks. Order your favorite pizza today from one of our great locations or order it online and have it shipped to your home away from Buffalo. If you do try one of these hacks, let us know in the comments below how it was!

Buffalo Bills Games Are Only Better With Bocce’s Pizza

Buffalo Bills Games Are Only Better With Bocce's Pizza

It is that time again, football season is upon us and this year we have much to cheer for in Buffalo. Rex Ryan has come into town in a whirlwind of excitement and the Bills have a solid looking squad going into the regular season.


That means Sundays are now for watching the games at home in front of the television, with your closest sports friends, while you root on the Bills to win. All that cheering and exasperation can come at a cost for all the fans in one room. You’re going to get hungry and will need enough sustenance to maintain that high level of fandom.


Bocce Club Pizza Can Satisfy The Largest Of Bills Fans Hungers


Pizza, Wings, Pop, and appetizers always go hand in hand with watching the Bills game at your house. Get a whole Cheeseburger pizza, Jimmy’s Big Cheese Steak, or grab the Original Bocce Club Pizza. Choose from the regular style wings or the unique “over-the-pit” grilled style to spice up your meal.


Tailgating for the game and still want to enjoy a tasty Bocce’s pizza? Grab a half baked pie the day before and bake it in the morning before you leave for the day, so it will be hot and fresh once you get to Ralph Wilson Stadium.


Bocce Club Pizza has the answer for any of your football Sunday meal dilemmas. Two great locations or order online. For any information about specials or questions about our pies, contact us today!

Sheet Pizzas The Family Reunion Will Enjoy

Sheet Pizzas The Family Reunion Will Enjoy

Planning the extended family reunion this year?


You have many things on your list that need to be checked off before the big day when you and your family all get together. Possible locations, entertainment, tables, chairs, decorations, drinks, and of course enough food to feed the even the pickiest of eaters.


When you have that many family members in one area, it will be hard for everyone to agree on what they want to eat, but one thing is for sure – they can all agree on pizza.


If they are your family, you know pizza can not only satisfy the hunger, but also cater to all the unique tastes of those attending the family reunion.


Order A Few Specialty Sheet Pizzas Ahead Of Time


Now that you’ve found a solution to your food problem, now you have to decide on where to order.


Original Bocce Club Pizza has many different and delicious sheet pizza options to choose from. We offer two great locations to order from, make sure you get it in ahead of time, and don’t forget to order enough for even the hungriest of relatives.


If Buffalo’s best pizza is not enough experience for that distant family member and they want more of the Buffalo experience, grab a few orders of specialty flavored chicken wings and fingers to curb their appetite and give them the local treatment their taste buds deserve.


Check out our Bocce Club Pizza specials for your occasion and if you need more information on our mouthwatering sheet pizzas, contact us today!

World’s Longest Pizza – Everyone Can Get A Slice!

World’s Longest Pizza – Everyone Can Get A Slice!

The Guinness World Records recently recorded a new broken record – for the World’s LONGEST Pizza! Set this year, at the Milan Expo 2015 World fair in Italy, the longest pizza checked in at 5,234 feet. That’s almost one mile long!


This mile-long pizza took over 18 hours to construct, and that’s with the help of 60 professional chefs! The pizza was as heavy as it was long and delicious, weighing in at 5 tons! The best part of this gigantic, amazing pizza is that the extra food was distributed to shelters for the needy and poor homeowners after the contest.


The previous pizza, which has just been beat, was a still impressive 3745 feet long! Created in Spain, chefs knew it would be a long time before they were topped by a longer pizza. That was until the Italian chefs swooped in and beat their record by over 1,000 feet!


The chefs stuck to traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. However, we have one very important question for you. If you were going to make a mile-long pizza, would you go all-out on ingredients? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments section below.


We have so many ideas, obviously, but our favorites include the Hawaiian Pizza (pineapple and ham), Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza (blue cheese and buffalo chicken), and of course the basic, but always adored, Bocce Club Pizza’s Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza.


How much would a mile-long Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza weigh? We can’t even think about it. You had us at mile-long pizza! Order your favorite Bocce pizza and menu items today!

Which Specialty Pizza Do You Crave?

Which Specialty Pizza Do You Crave

While the traditional cheese and pepperoni still remains a favorite among many, specialty pizza has become quite popular.


Specialty pizza is unique in the sense that just about any toppings can be added to pizza dough, baked to a crisp and served up hot, steamy and delicious. From fresh vegetables and fruit, to meat and nothing but fresh herbs and olive oil, specialty pizzas are just another reason why this food is a staple in an American diet.


With a specialty pizza, you can get creative with toppings, cheeses and sauces to create a completely new flavor. Most of the time, coming up with a new flavored pizza is accidental and it turns out to be so good. Mixing it up helps to invigorate the taste buds, this is why specialty pizzas are so popular and desired.


Are you a lover of fresh fruit, vegetables, and barbecue sauce? Why not mix them together and put on pizza dough? It’s an unusual combination, but we bet it probably tastes good.


Here are some specialty pizzas we offer at Bocce Club Pizza.


  • Hawaiian – Cheese, pineapple chunks, and Canadian Bacon.
  • Taco Pie – Spicy taco sauce mixed with ground beef layered with a mixture of mozzarella & cheddar cheese Topped with tomatoes.
  • All American – Sizzling, crisp bacon, on tasty mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


At Bocce Club Pizza, we have a variety of other specialty pizzas that taste great and will introduce you into many other favors of pizza that are worth it. We list all of our specialty pizzas on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or order your favorite pizza today!

Bachelor Party: The Hunger Must Be Satisfied

Bachelor Party: The Hunger Must Be Satisfied

Planning a wedding is just about every bride’s dream. For the groom, he is supportive (of course), but picking out flowers and designing a centerpiece are not really a favorite activity.


Even given the fact that grooms don’t necessarily dive into the planning, they are very excited to marry their best friend and the way they celebrate the big day before the actual wedding day is with their stag party.


Gathering up your male family members, friends and co-workers to spend the night having a great time and celebrating the upcoming nuptials is awesome for the groom. Stag parties are certainly a night to remember for not only the groom, but for the guests who are there in support.


Events at a stag party can range from a casual get-together of golf and a private dinner to a banquet-style of card playing and dancers. For whichever type of entertainment is on the stag party agenda, the food always remains the same: comfort.


Stag party food needs to be agreeable by vast majority of the invites and the type of food that is easily accessible and requires very little set up and clean up. The perfect meal that encompasses all of the above is pizza!


Who can say no to a delicious and saucy slice of pizza? Pizza is a fulfilling meal, easy to eat and is a fan favorite. While your stag party guests are busy mingling together, pizza makes the most sense as a practical meal.


Bocce Club Pizza has a variety of pizza specials to make your stag party food affordable. We cook all of our pizza fresh so that it remains hot once it arrives to its destination. For information on the types of pizza we provide or our specials, feel free to contact us.

Have A Pizza Party For Your Little Leaguers

Have A Pizza Party For Your Little Leaguers

Everybody—and we mean everybody—loves a good pizza party.


At the end of a long hot day out on the baseball field, especially after your team has had a tough, hard fought victory against the best team in the league, what do you want more than a nice slice of pizza and a cool drink? (Maybe a frosty alcoholic beverage for the parents…)


Pizza parties are great for little league teams around Buffalo and Western New York because, like we said, everybody likes pizza—but it will also give the kids a chance to bond off of the field, and give the parents a chance to catch up and get to know one another. The kids can hang out in a more informal setting—it can be hard for them to make friends when they’re busy doing drills at practice or playing in a game.


Whether you’re planning a pizza party for the beginning of the season, the end of the season, or just an impromptu team dinner after a great win or a hard loss, we’re here to help, and we have just the right pizza for you!


At Bocce Club Pizza, we offer a wide variety of food on our menu, from wraps and subs to salads and chicken fingers, and traditional pizza (the best in East Amherst, if we do say so), not to mention some of Buffalo’s most delicious chicken wings. We’ve been around since 1946, and we’ve served quite a number of little league teams in our day!


Give us a call or checkout online to put in your party order today and if you have any questions about any our menu items, feel free to ask.

The Best Nights For Ordering Pizza

The Best Nights For Ordering Pizza

Ordering pizza for dinner is an absolute treat, and some days are more worthy of a pie than others. Whether picking up or having delivered, there is a sense of satisfaction and feeling of comfort when you open the steamy box filled with homemade delicious pizza.


On days when work is running late and there is no time for a home cooked meal, a pizza is a wonderful idea. Being able to feed you and your family in a moment’s notice brings down the stress.


For family occasions, pizza is a great choice because it allows you to feed the guests without the need to slave in a kitchen all day with over-priced and mysterious ingredients.


All kids love a birthday party and they love the ones that come with pizza! Pizza is easy for little hands to hold, cleanup is minimal and parents will be thankful that a decent meal has been provided.


No motivation to cook on a rainy or stormy day? A pizza delivery can fix that. Made to order, hot and ready to eat, pizza is the definite way to go.


Pulling an all-nighter at the office preparing for a big meeting? Why not keep spirits and energy up with a pizza.


For any of these specific nights where ordering pizza is the best choice, a pizzeria such as Bocce’s delights in providing you with a delicious meal. All of our pizza selections are homemade with fresh ingredients. You can browse our menu options on our website, and grab gluten free if you’d like. For any questions about our pizza, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How To Simplify Your Pizza And Healthy Wine Experience

How To Simplify Your Pizza And Healthy Wine Experience

Sometimes it’s not always about the appetizers when it comes to finding something to accompany and wash down your delicious pizza. Occasionally you want to pair your slices of warm, gooey and heavenly pizza with a liquid just as tasty and complimentary. Soda Pop is an common and popular choice, beer might satisfy some who indulge in that recreation, but combining pizza with wine is simply divine.


There are many amazing and healthy benefits from drinking wine, particularly that in moderation, it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. So not only can wine become a staple of your evening pizza meal, but it can also give you added bonuses for helping you maintain a healthy diet.


All you have to do now is figure out what wine goes best with the scrumptious pizza you like to eat. This is a challenge, and one that has been simplified by the creators of WinePair.


You Mean There’s An App For Pairing Wine With Pizza? How To Simplify Your Pizza And Healthy Wine Experience


That’s exactly what we mean.


It’s called The Wine & Pizza Pairing App and it helps the consumer figure out which wine will go best with the pizza they want to eat. Best of all it doesn’t limit you to a specific pizza or type of wine. You can choose pepperoni pizza and white wine or veggie pizza and red wine, and the many other multiple combinations that can be fruitful for your dinner.


Now all you have to do is order your favorite specialty pizza from Bocce Club Pizza and use the WinePair app, and figure out which wine is going to go best with your pizza. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new when you order from Bocce’s. There are always delicious items to try!


Order from either Amherst locations today and get your hands on Bocce Club Pizza today!



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Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function

Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function

Having a big company function or get together at work that will involve feeding of your employees? Or would you like to reward your employees with a lunch they can all enjoy? Well there are many solutions but only one answer will satisfy the unique tastes of the hungry masses, have your lunch catered by a delicious, pizzeria with extensively food rich menu!


It is no secret that happy employees are the most productive workers and showing them how much you appreciate them can go a long way. When food is promised, it must be something that all can enjoy and with variety. Party Salads, Garlic Bread, Party Sub Platters, Buckets of Flavored Wings, drinks, desserts and of course the real catch, sheets of Specialty Pizzas!


What Pizzeria Restaurant Can Help With This Savory Catered Business Expense?


Well there are many Buffalo pizzerias but only one that is always chosen as the best pizzeria in town.Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function


Call ahead or order online to ensure that your catered lunch will be made correctly and delivered on time. Don’t forget there are many Bocce Club Specials to choose from to so you can save money as well!


Remember Bocce Club Pizza uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients. From 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough that is made from scratch and hand stretched daily. We also mix our distinctive secret pizza sauce each and every day.


Go ahead, let your employees scarf down on something they all can enjoy from Bocce’s!


To get more periodic offers, join our text club by texting “Bocce” to 40518!



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