Have A Pizza Party For Your Little Leaguers

Have A Pizza Party For Your Little Leaguers

Everybody—and we mean everybody—loves a good pizza party.


At the end of a long hot day out on the baseball field, especially after your team has had a tough, hard fought victory against the best team in the league, what do you want more than a nice slice of pizza and a cool drink? (Maybe a frosty alcoholic beverage for the parents…)


Pizza parties are great for little league teams around Buffalo and Western New York because, like we said, everybody likes pizza—but it will also give the kids a chance to bond off of the field, and give the parents a chance to catch up and get to know one another. The kids can hang out in a more informal setting—it can be hard for them to make friends when they’re busy doing drills at practice or playing in a game.


Whether you’re planning a pizza party for the beginning of the season, the end of the season, or just an impromptu team dinner after a great win or a hard loss, we’re here to help, and we have just the right pizza for you!


At Bocce Club Pizza, we offer a wide variety of food on our menu, from wraps and subs to salads and chicken fingers, and traditional pizza (the best in East Amherst, if we do say so), not to mention some of Buffalo’s most delicious chicken wings. We’ve been around since 1946, and we’ve served quite a number of little league teams in our day!


Give us a call or checkout online to put in your party order today and if you have any questions about any our menu items, feel free to ask.

Rewarding School Accomplishments With A Pizza Pie

Rewarding School Accomplishments With A Pizza Pie

In the world of parenting, we don’t always want to over-indulge with our children. With that being said, there is always a cause for celebration when your child succeeds in school and academics.


Education today is tough. Tests, homework, projects, and the demands of working extremely hard can be taxing on our kids. When we see that they are thriving, doing well, and have reached milestones in school, a reward is definitely due.


So, how do you let your child know you’re proud of their accomplishments in school?


Some parents might choose to hit the toy store, movie theater or gaming center. But a win-win prize could be a family meal of your child’s favorite food.Rewarding School Accomplishments With A Pizza Pie


Going out to eat is not always possible and it might not be a meal you want your kids to eat all the time, making it a treat. However, eating out is great because you get to treat the kids to their choice food and you get to spend quality time as a family together. Your child’s success in school is good reason to splurge on dinner.


Sharing a pizza pie is always a great idea for a celebratory meal. Not only is it good and affordable, kids love it! As the family downs that cheesy, saucy, and just plain delicious pizza, you can revel in your child’s schooling accomplishments.


Bocce Club Pizza uses the freshest ingredients to put together their great tasting pizzas. You can eat in or order out. A pizza dinner of your child’s choice is a wonderful way to let them know how proud they are doing in school. You can visit our website for a complete menu or contact us today!



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