Why Pizza and Wings Are the Ideal Options to Serve at Parties

Pizza Parties True story: Uncle Bud lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He does not have a good pizza and wings place anywhere near him. Uncle Bud loves to eat pizza and wings. Therefore, when he comes back to Buffalo, a place he grew up, he cannot wait to eat pizza and wings from Bocce Club Pizza. “God I love this stuff, God it’s good!” he proclaims.

You can travel the world but you’re not likely to find pizza as good as the kind Bocce makes. There’s just something so tasty and comforting about it. Then, of course, Buffalo wings in Buffalo are the best– that’s just a no-brainer right there.

So why are pizza and wings the best options to serve when hosting a party? Well, ask around and you’ll soon discover that the majority of Buffalonians love to eat… pizza and wings. If you had the choice between kale and wings, which would you choose? How about pizza versus tofu?

Parties are meant to be fun. Pizza and wings are the best party foods because they taste so good– it’s like giving your mouth a prize. Sure, you could eat boring foods, but why not feed yourself something so good that you’ll smile as you wipe your fingers on the nearby napkins and say, “Damn, that’s good!”

There are some staples people like to eat, including cheese, meat, tomatoes and bread. With the right “spices,” these foods satisfy us in a way that we actually look forward to eating them. The nice thing about Bocce pizza and wings is that they come prepared for easy access at parties– open the boxes and let people pick up the pieces with their hands and “go to town.” You don’t have to use plates or silverware if you don’t want to– it’s not fancy.

For your Buffalo party pizza and wings, call Bocce. Here’s the contact page for the numbers and/or to order online: http://www.bocceclubpizza.com/c-16-contact-us.aspx

Buffalo Bills Games Are Only Better With Bocce’s Pizza

Buffalo Bills Games Are Only Better With Bocce's Pizza

It is that time again, football season is upon us and this year we have much to cheer for in Buffalo. Rex Ryan has come into town in a whirlwind of excitement and the Bills have a solid looking squad going into the regular season.


That means Sundays are now for watching the games at home in front of the television, with your closest sports friends, while you root on the Bills to win. All that cheering and exasperation can come at a cost for all the fans in one room. You’re going to get hungry and will need enough sustenance to maintain that high level of fandom.


Bocce Club Pizza Can Satisfy The Largest Of Bills Fans Hungers


Pizza, Wings, Pop, and appetizers always go hand in hand with watching the Bills game at your house. Get a whole Cheeseburger pizza, Jimmy’s Big Cheese Steak, or grab the Original Bocce Club Pizza. Choose from the regular style wings or the unique “over-the-pit” grilled style to spice up your meal.


Tailgating for the game and still want to enjoy a tasty Bocce’s pizza? Grab a half baked pie the day before and bake it in the morning before you leave for the day, so it will be hot and fresh once you get to Ralph Wilson Stadium.


Bocce Club Pizza has the answer for any of your football Sunday meal dilemmas. Two great locations or order online. For any information about specials or questions about our pies, contact us today!

Sheet Pizzas The Family Reunion Will Enjoy

Sheet Pizzas The Family Reunion Will Enjoy

Planning the extended family reunion this year?


You have many things on your list that need to be checked off before the big day when you and your family all get together. Possible locations, entertainment, tables, chairs, decorations, drinks, and of course enough food to feed the even the pickiest of eaters.


When you have that many family members in one area, it will be hard for everyone to agree on what they want to eat, but one thing is for sure – they can all agree on pizza.


If they are your family, you know pizza can not only satisfy the hunger, but also cater to all the unique tastes of those attending the family reunion.


Order A Few Specialty Sheet Pizzas Ahead Of Time


Now that you’ve found a solution to your food problem, now you have to decide on where to order.


Original Bocce Club Pizza has many different and delicious sheet pizza options to choose from. We offer two great locations to order from, make sure you get it in ahead of time, and don’t forget to order enough for even the hungriest of relatives.


If Buffalo’s best pizza is not enough experience for that distant family member and they want more of the Buffalo experience, grab a few orders of specialty flavored chicken wings and fingers to curb their appetite and give them the local treatment their taste buds deserve.


Check out our Bocce Club Pizza specials for your occasion and if you need more information on our mouthwatering sheet pizzas, contact us today!

Feed Your Family What They Want

Feed Your Family What They Want

No matter what the occasion may be, getting together with your family is always a fun time. All the different personalities coming over to enjoy food and each other’s company is truly a really special thing.


Yet with that comes differing views on topics such as what to eat. You can order them a traditional sheet pizza, but when it comes to the appetizers, people are going to have different preferences.


Let The Food Match The Person!


Some of your family may like to keep it simple when it comes to their appetizers. In that instance you could select from Wings, French fries or something even simpler like bread sticks.


Other family members may like it hot when it comes to their accompanying sides. If this scenario were to pop up, you could order some poppers.


When it comes to someone who can’t get enough cheese, order them a side of mozzarella sticks filled to the brim with fresh mozzarella. Of course, even though you ordered pizza, there may be a pizza fanatic in your family and for them a side order of pizza logs with marinara sauce should do the trick.


Bocce Club Pizza is a traditional Buffalo pizzeria offering the best pizza and appetizers including French fries, onion rings and much more. No matter what your guests might want to eat, we have got you covered. For more information on our history or food selection, please feel free to contact us today!

World’s Longest Pizza – Everyone Can Get A Slice!

World’s Longest Pizza – Everyone Can Get A Slice!

The Guinness World Records recently recorded a new broken record – for the World’s LONGEST Pizza! Set this year, at the Milan Expo 2015 World fair in Italy, the longest pizza checked in at 5,234 feet. That’s almost one mile long!


This mile-long pizza took over 18 hours to construct, and that’s with the help of 60 professional chefs! The pizza was as heavy as it was long and delicious, weighing in at 5 tons! The best part of this gigantic, amazing pizza is that the extra food was distributed to shelters for the needy and poor homeowners after the contest.


The previous pizza, which has just been beat, was a still impressive 3745 feet long! Created in Spain, chefs knew it would be a long time before they were topped by a longer pizza. That was until the Italian chefs swooped in and beat their record by over 1,000 feet!


The chefs stuck to traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. However, we have one very important question for you. If you were going to make a mile-long pizza, would you go all-out on ingredients? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments section below.


We have so many ideas, obviously, but our favorites include the Hawaiian Pizza (pineapple and ham), Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza (blue cheese and buffalo chicken), and of course the basic, but always adored, Bocce Club Pizza’s Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza.


How much would a mile-long Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza weigh? We can’t even think about it. You had us at mile-long pizza! Order your favorite Bocce pizza and menu items today!

Which Specialty Pizza Do You Crave?

Which Specialty Pizza Do You Crave

While the traditional cheese and pepperoni still remains a favorite among many, specialty pizza has become quite popular.


Specialty pizza is unique in the sense that just about any toppings can be added to pizza dough, baked to a crisp and served up hot, steamy and delicious. From fresh vegetables and fruit, to meat and nothing but fresh herbs and olive oil, specialty pizzas are just another reason why this food is a staple in an American diet.


With a specialty pizza, you can get creative with toppings, cheeses and sauces to create a completely new flavor. Most of the time, coming up with a new flavored pizza is accidental and it turns out to be so good. Mixing it up helps to invigorate the taste buds, this is why specialty pizzas are so popular and desired.


Are you a lover of fresh fruit, vegetables, and barbecue sauce? Why not mix them together and put on pizza dough? It’s an unusual combination, but we bet it probably tastes good.


Here are some specialty pizzas we offer at Bocce Club Pizza.


  • Hawaiian – Cheese, pineapple chunks, and Canadian Bacon.
  • Taco Pie – Spicy taco sauce mixed with ground beef layered with a mixture of mozzarella & cheddar cheese Topped with tomatoes.
  • All American – Sizzling, crisp bacon, on tasty mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


At Bocce Club Pizza, we have a variety of other specialty pizzas that taste great and will introduce you into many other favors of pizza that are worth it. We list all of our specialty pizzas on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or order your favorite pizza today!

Feed Them The Best on the Fourth of July Weekend!

Feed Them The Best on the Fourth of July!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, many folks will take it upon themselves to throw a party to help celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence. When it comes to what you are going to eat, you may have decided on something common like a barbeque.


However after sending out all of your invites you might discover you have more people coming than you realized, and trying to cook with a large group of people can get very hectic.


Pizza and Wings to the Rescue!


When a situation like that comes up, ordering out might be your best bet. Granted it may not be the same as buying food and cooking it, but its benefits outweigh that greatly. Now you won’t have to spend time cooking and instead spend it entertaining your guests.


Also, there will be little to no clean up as after all the food is gone, you can just throw everything out and won’t have to clean any dishes.


Another positive is that with the July 4th weekend celebration, many guests might offer to bring something to help make your life a little easier. Ordering pizza and wings, all guests have to worry about is bringing themselves and enjoying the party.


Bocce Club Pizza can help get you all the food you need to make sure your party is a huge hit this holiday weekend. Our pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and our huge menu is sure to have something for everyone. For more information or to order food for your next party, contact us today!

Bachelor Party: The Hunger Must Be Satisfied

Bachelor Party: The Hunger Must Be Satisfied

Planning a wedding is just about every bride’s dream. For the groom, he is supportive (of course), but picking out flowers and designing a centerpiece are not really a favorite activity.


Even given the fact that grooms don’t necessarily dive into the planning, they are very excited to marry their best friend and the way they celebrate the big day before the actual wedding day is with their stag party.


Gathering up your male family members, friends and co-workers to spend the night having a great time and celebrating the upcoming nuptials is awesome for the groom. Stag parties are certainly a night to remember for not only the groom, but for the guests who are there in support.


Events at a stag party can range from a casual get-together of golf and a private dinner to a banquet-style of card playing and dancers. For whichever type of entertainment is on the stag party agenda, the food always remains the same: comfort.


Stag party food needs to be agreeable by vast majority of the invites and the type of food that is easily accessible and requires very little set up and clean up. The perfect meal that encompasses all of the above is pizza!


Who can say no to a delicious and saucy slice of pizza? Pizza is a fulfilling meal, easy to eat and is a fan favorite. While your stag party guests are busy mingling together, pizza makes the most sense as a practical meal.


Bocce Club Pizza has a variety of pizza specials to make your stag party food affordable. We cook all of our pizza fresh so that it remains hot once it arrives to its destination. For information on the types of pizza we provide or our specials, feel free to contact us.