Pizza and Wings Are an Ideal Halloween Meal

Halloween On October thirty-one, when the sun goes to rest, it’s the night of trick-or-treat when fun is at its best. Ghosts and goblins roam the streets, from Ransom Oaks to Farmington Woods and beyond.

For some Western New Yorkers, they live on a street where no kids come around asking for candy on Halloween. Boring! Others live in neighborhoods and developments where there’s a steady stream of kids all night long. Exhausting! How many of you remember when you were younger and you’d ask around to see where “the best” place was to go to get a lot of candy?

Halloween is the one time of the year when it’s socially acceptable to dress up in a costume and go from house to house asking for candy. Kids love getting the good stuff, like Snickers bars, and– let’s be honest– they hate getting the bad stuff, like pencils, pennies, and, God forbid, apples. Apples aren’t candy!

Now after you and the little ones have come back from your jaunt on Halloween what’s the logical choice for a Halloween meal? The obvious choice– the one that makes everyone in the family happy– is pizza and wings from Bocce Club Pizza.

Why order pizza and wings on Halloween night? Well, for starters you won’t have to cook dinner– the guys and gals at Bocce’s will. Next, pizza and wings is something most people can agree on, and it’s food most people love. Finally, it’s the kind of food you can eat with your hands, and it goes great with pop. It’s fun food for a fun night.

This Halloween, don’t waste time in the kitchen preparing a meal. Call Bocce Club Pizza to order pizza and wings. Pick it up right after you’re done trick-or-treating. Bring it home, put it on the table, and enjoy. It’ll be warm, tasty and delicious. Plus, you can eat your dinner while looking through the bags and pumpkins full of candy, sorting out the good stuff from the bad. Oh, and one more thing: if you don’t want to bother picking up your pizza and wings, just have it delivered right to your door!

Reasons to Order Pizza for Your Employees

PizzaThere’s just something about pizza that makes it the kind of food people don’t just like…they love it! Indeed, people seem to crave pizza.

In college, clubs looking for new members always use pizza as the main draw to get new people into the club. Look around a campus today and you’ll undoubtedly see advertisements for various clubs and organizations. Their meetings, if they want them to be well-attended, offer “free pizza!”

Now if you’re a business owner and you’d like to reward employees for their great work, you should consider ordering Bocce Club Pizza. Not only does pizza serve as a reward for people, but it’s also a great motivator, too. Take, for example, a study that involved employees at an Intel factory in Israel.

In this study, there were four possible scenarios involving the assembly of a certain amount of computer chips that day. One group got a message promising pizza if they reached and exceeded their goal. Another group was promised compliments. Another was promised a cash bonus. And the control group received no message– no incentive at all. So what do you think turned out to be the biggest motivator that day? You’d expect it to be cash, right? Nope! It was the promise of pizza, which increased productivity by 6.7 percent.

Employees tend to do the same things over and over, everyday. When an employer introduces pizza into the mix, it’s “nice for a change,” as the saying goes. Pizza brings people together as they all reach for a slice. It’s a communal food– the kind that can be eaten by hand or on a napkin or plate. Asking employees what particular toppings they want is also a good way to show them you care, and the nice thing about pizza is it can be customized to people’s preferences.

Reward and/or motivate your employees today by giving them a nice surprise: Bocce Club Pizza. Please call 716-833-1344 (Amherst) or 716-689-2345 (E. Amherst) to place your order today.


Feed Them The Best on the Fourth of July Weekend!

Feed Them The Best on the Fourth of July!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, many folks will take it upon themselves to throw a party to help celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence. When it comes to what you are going to eat, you may have decided on something common like a barbeque.


However after sending out all of your invites you might discover you have more people coming than you realized, and trying to cook with a large group of people can get very hectic.


Pizza and Wings to the Rescue!


When a situation like that comes up, ordering out might be your best bet. Granted it may not be the same as buying food and cooking it, but its benefits outweigh that greatly. Now you won’t have to spend time cooking and instead spend it entertaining your guests.


Also, there will be little to no clean up as after all the food is gone, you can just throw everything out and won’t have to clean any dishes.


Another positive is that with the July 4th weekend celebration, many guests might offer to bring something to help make your life a little easier. Ordering pizza and wings, all guests have to worry about is bringing themselves and enjoying the party.


Bocce Club Pizza can help get you all the food you need to make sure your party is a huge hit this holiday weekend. Our pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and our huge menu is sure to have something for everyone. For more information or to order food for your next party, contact us today!

Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Super Sunday

Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Super Bowl Sunday

We are only about a week away from the sports nights to end all sports nights, Super Sunday. The lucky football fanatics who are attending the game in Arizona have purchased their tickets, gotten their flights ready and are excited for the action and after parties. For those who are watching at home with family and friends, the televisions will be set to record all the sports drama, as well as the brand new commercials, which have been produced and coveted in anticipation of the big night.


This year’s game is going to be another monstrous battle between the best teams from both conferences. Defending champions led by Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks look to dismantle the “dynasty” that Bill Belichick has created in New England with the Patriots. With the Lombardi Trophy on the line, who knows what might happen.Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Super Bowl Sunday


Putting all that thought into who is going to win might even exhaust you by the time game day comes. However will you survive?


Great Bocce Super Party Eats To The Rescue!


Food! You will need great, delicious food to help you get through the night. If you are fortunate to be hosting a big game party at your house, you will need sustenance for the fellow fanatics. Yelling at the TV because of a horrible call or being upset when you see Tom Brady throw a touchdown can take a lot of energy.


Your only course of action is to order from Bocce’s. Get your orders in quick because the day is approaching and as it being one of the top days for ordering pizza, you know you don’t want to wait to get your hands on those mouthwatering slices of cheese and pepperoni. For those who are feeling adventurous, try a specialty sheet pizza!


Add in some appetizers and sides like chicken wings, breadsticks, boneless bites and whatever else might appeal to your guest’s taste buds.


Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before ThanksgivingIf you are a football fan that loves Bocce Club Pizza and want to be the Super champion of the party, grab one of our specialty Half-Baked Pizzas! Simply place your pizza into your friend’s preheated, 450-degree oven and bake for 5-8 minutes. Party in a box!


Contact us at Bocce Club Pizza today and get your orders in before it’s too late!



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Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before Thanksgiving

Vote Bocce Club Pizza for Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo

Thanksgiving is a day to feast with family and friends. As with any holiday, Thanksgiving heralds family members to travel from far and wide, to come in from out-of-town and celebrate the theme of being thankful together. The anticipation of tasting that succulent turkey, piping hot mash potatoes, mom’s famous stuffing, and delectable cranberry sauce is enough to make anyone drive hours just to savor and enjoy.


A delicious banquet like that can take days to prepare. With guests already staying at your house, it’s more than likely you are not going to want to cook for an army the night before the holiday.


So if you have hungry guests, salivating at the thought of all the scrumptious foods they will devour on Thanksgiving, what can you do to curb their appetite?Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before Thanksgiving


The most reasonable choice is to order out. Did you know that the day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for ordering out during the year? Why? Because the exact reason stated above, not many cooks can serve up a feast for a dozen people two nights in a row.


Pizza and wings is a meal that can satisfy all guests. A good pizza can even cater to those in your family who need to order a specialty or specialties, and are looking to eat healthier and gluten-free.


Bocce Club Pizza is the best choice for pizza when you need to feed the hungry holiday masses. Whether you’re ordering take-out or delivery, Bocce’s uses only the freshest most natural ingredients from 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough made from scratch and hand stretched daily.


Order some classic combinations like a cheese and pepperoni and BBQ flavored wings or a white pizza with medium sauce wings. You can’t go wrong with whatever combo you choose.


Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before ThanksgivingCheck out the menu, call or order online at either location (Bailey, Hopkins) today and have a Happy Thanksgiving from Bocce Club Pizza! And if you run out of leftovers from your turkey and want to eat something different, Bocce’s is great choice for the day after the holiday as well.






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