Eating Healthy, Gluten-Free Pizza in 2015

Eating Heathy, Gluten-Free Pizza in 2015

By far the most popular trend going on in America is trying to eat healthier. Working out at the gym is great and watching your other vices is good too, but making sure you are eating better with the correct portions really makes people feel better about themselves. That’s why eateries around the United States have been looking to accommodate and cater to the consumer who is looking for a healthier meal option.


For pizza companies this can be a challenge mostly because there is a stigma that pizza isn’t healthy for you. That stigma couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, Pizza is a great source of nutrients for the diet of Americans. But it’s all about willpower and being able to not load up on those appetizing toppings, while watching your portions.


Another way is to watch your gluten. Gluten is a protein that’s found in barley, rye, and wheat, as well as foods that are made with these ingredients, but traditional pizza crust that is made with wheat or white flour; these varieties do contain gluten. Most toppings are naturally gluten-free; cheese, vegetables and tomato sauce.


Gluten –Free Pizza can be made in different, delicious ways. It doesn’t have to be limited to a particular make or specialty, as you can still enjoy those delectable toppings you have always loved.

Eating Heathy, Gluten-Free Pizza in 2015


Here at Bocce Club Pizza we feature a Gluten-Free Pizza option for those who might have celiac disease or those who are interested in eating their favorite foods with a gluten-free twist. You can add in a healthy salad to go with your specialty pizza, while continuing to eat better.


At Bocce’s we make Buffalo favorite pizza. So whether you are looking to eat gluten-free or you just have that savory pizza craving; head to Bocce Club Pizza today! Don’t forget if you aren’t in Buffalo and still want that tempting Bocce pizza, we deliver Nationwide!




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