Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function

Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function

Having a big company function or get together at work that will involve feeding of your employees? Or would you like to reward your employees with a lunch they can all enjoy? Well there are many solutions but only one answer will satisfy the unique tastes of the hungry masses, have your lunch catered by a delicious, pizzeria with extensively food rich menu!


It is no secret that happy employees are the most productive workers and showing them how much you appreciate them can go a long way. When food is promised, it must be something that all can enjoy and with variety. Party Salads, Garlic Bread, Party Sub Platters, Buckets of Flavored Wings, drinks, desserts and of course the real catch, sheets of Specialty Pizzas!


What Pizzeria Restaurant Can Help With This Savory Catered Business Expense?


Well there are many Buffalo pizzerias but only one that is always chosen as the best pizzeria in town.Pizzeria Catering For Your Company Function


Call ahead or order online to ensure that your catered lunch will be made correctly and delivered on time. Don’t forget there are many Bocce Club Specials to choose from to so you can save money as well!


Remember Bocce Club Pizza uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients. From 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough that is made from scratch and hand stretched daily. We also mix our distinctive secret pizza sauce each and every day.


Go ahead, let your employees scarf down on something they all can enjoy from Bocce’s!


To get more periodic offers, join our text club by texting “Bocce” to 40518!



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