The Struggle of Ordering Pizza with Other People

The Struggle of Ordering Pizza with Other People

Pizza comes in many different varieties and toppings. From Gluten-free or flavored crusts to thin crust, the amount of sauce to the variants of cheese, to splitting the pie toppings into half or cutting the pizza from slices into squares; the pizza choices are overwhelming! You don’t always want to stay in the same pizza decision but at the same time when you are ordering with others, your tastes might not be the same.


Quandaries become apparent and a decision to appease all must be made since you can’t order a pizza for everyone, that’s just not very economical unless you want to eat pizza for the next week. If you are fortunate enough to find those people in your life who are kindred pizza spirits then you have it easier than most, but if that’s not the situation what can you do?


Decisions, Decisions…


Depending on where you decide to get your scrumptious pizza can be a factor on how to alleviate this pizza creation dilemma. Luckily Bocce Club Pizza offers you a solution!


Instead of fighting over toppings (no one wants the mushrooms touching the pepperoni slices) or pizza style when ordering a whole or party pizza, order personal quarter pizzas or a half pie. Then everyone can be accommodated and feel like they are getting the pizza they want, satisfying the craving and hunger. This is all because of the chemistry makeup of the pizza…


It’s Chemistry My Dear Watson! (Video)


Your love of pizza understandable, because it’s science! As soon as someone brings up the thought of delicious pizza, in our minds we envision the tasty slice and it’s because of the chemical Maillard reactions that produce great pizza.


Well check out this cool video from the people at Reactions about what goes into pizza that makes it amazing.



Bocce Club Pizza is a traditional pizzeria with two great locations in the Buffalo area. Bocce’s has proudly served award winning, Buffalo’s favorite pizza since 1946. Whether you order your food for pickup, delivery or nationwide you won’t be disappointed! Make the right decision and get something delectable off the menu at Bocce Club Pizza today!




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