Is There A Right Way To Hold And Eat Your Pizza?

Hold Your Pizza

By the time you think about how you hold your pizza when you eat it, it’s probably too late because it was so delicious, that it is already gone from your hand.



But there are pizza aficionados out there that worry about this sort of thing.


Those who are obsessed with perfection to the point where it can be considered an obsessive compulsive disorder.


Proving that you shouldn’t eat pizza unless you eat it a certain way.



Questions like, “You eat pizza with a fork and knife? What kind of human are you?” can be heard from those types of pizza traditionalists.


It’s almost like the scenario introduced from Dr. Suess’ in The Butter Battle Book – how to eat your bread with butter, and how a whole society was divided because of their different preferences.


So is there really a right way to hold and eat pizza?


According to a 19th century math genius named Carl Friedrich Gauss and his Theorema Egregium, or remarkable theorem, which states that the “curvature of a surface does not change if one bends the surface without stretching it.


And so when it comes to pizza, the Gaussian theorem implies that because the pizza is flat, that even when you bend it, one part will always remain flat.



When the pizza slice flops around the flat direction will be pointed sideways.


This isn’t helpful for eating your meal in a non-messy manner.


But because of Gauss’ theorem, we know that by folding the pizza slice sideways at the crust, you’re essentially forcing it to become flat in the other direction.


This way the tasty pizza points towards your mouth from the curvatures strengths so you’re not eating your pizza like Rudy.



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