Bachelor Party: The Hunger Must Be Satisfied

Bachelor Party: The Hunger Must Be Satisfied

Planning a wedding is just about every bride’s dream. For the groom, he is supportive (of course), but picking out flowers and designing a centerpiece are not really a favorite activity.


Even given the fact that grooms don’t necessarily dive into the planning, they are very excited to marry their best friend and the way they celebrate the big day before the actual wedding day is with their stag party.


Gathering up your male family members, friends and co-workers to spend the night having a great time and celebrating the upcoming nuptials is awesome for the groom. Stag parties are certainly a night to remember for not only the groom, but for the guests who are there in support.


Events at a stag party can range from a casual get-together of golf and a private dinner to a banquet-style of card playing and dancers. For whichever type of entertainment is on the stag party agenda, the food always remains the same: comfort.


Stag party food needs to be agreeable by vast majority of the invites and the type of food that is easily accessible and requires very little set up and clean up. The perfect meal that encompasses all of the above is pizza!


Who can say no to a delicious and saucy slice of pizza? Pizza is a fulfilling meal, easy to eat and is a fan favorite. While your stag party guests are busy mingling together, pizza makes the most sense as a practical meal.


Bocce Club Pizza has a variety of pizza specials to make your stag party food affordable. We cook all of our pizza fresh so that it remains hot once it arrives to its destination. For information on the types of pizza we provide or our specials, feel free to contact us.