Pizza & Cake – Two Great Foods Come Together!

Pizza & Cake – Two Great Foods Come Together!

No matter who you ask, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy pizza or cake. With so many websites like Pinterest becoming very popular, people are creating new and intriguing ways to enjoy their favorite foods.


It comes as no surprise that someone has developed a way to take pizza and create a delicious looking food known as a pizza cake.


If you are looking to make one yourself, there is a simple recipe you can follow and enjoy your own today.


Let Them Eat Pizza Cake!


Click Here to see what a pizza cake could look like!


The recipe for this new item can be found on the internet but it requires you make the pizzas before putting them all together to form the cake. Lucky for you, Bocce already makes half-baked pizzas that are already dressed and almost ready to eat.


Instead of having to go out and purchase all of the supplies and create the pizzas, you only need to order however many pizzas you would need. Then you would only need to put the pizzas together carefully and then place it in the oven and bake until it’s done.


This will undoubtedly save you time and allow you to enjoy the pizza cake sooner.


Bocce Club Pizza’s menu has half-baked pizzas as well as numerous other delicious items such as wings, subs and chicken fingers. Whether you’re creating a delicious new dish or are just looking for something simple to eat, we got you covered. For more information about us or the food we offer, please contact us today!