Feed Your Family What They Want

Feed Your Family What They Want

No matter what the occasion may be, getting together with your family is always a fun time. All the different personalities coming over to enjoy food and each other’s company is truly a really special thing.


Yet with that comes differing views on topics such as what to eat. You can order them a traditional sheet pizza, but when it comes to the appetizers, people are going to have different preferences.


Let The Food Match The Person!


Some of your family may like to keep it simple when it comes to their appetizers. In that instance you could select from Wings, French fries or something even simpler like bread sticks.


Other family members may like it hot when it comes to their accompanying sides. If this scenario were to pop up, you could order some poppers.


When it comes to someone who can’t get enough cheese, order them a side of mozzarella sticks filled to the brim with fresh mozzarella. Of course, even though you ordered pizza, there may be a pizza fanatic in your family and for them a side order of pizza logs with marinara sauce should do the trick.


Bocce Club Pizza is a traditional Buffalo pizzeria offering the best pizza and appetizers including French fries, onion rings and much more. No matter what your guests might want to eat, we have got you covered. For more information on our history or food selection, please feel free to contact us today!

Subs Are A Great Quick Pick Up Lunch Meal

Subs Are A Great Quick Pick Up Lunch Meal

Being short on time in the morning leads to poor packing of a work lunch or not packing one at all. It can be quite difficult to get through a long and busy work day without a sustainable amount of food to keep energy levels high and concentration at best.


Sure you can visit the local fast food place for any number of their menu options, but that is not a healthy or cost friendly choice. What’s you need is something quick, but made with fresh ingredients that will keep you fuller for longer and feeling good.


A sub is one of the best options for a midday meal. Not only is it completely filling, you can customize it with your likings. The options for freshness and healthy vegetables and meats are endless. Oh, and you can have it hot or cold.


A submarine is a suitable and desirable lunch because it’s low in calories but does not leave you feeling as though cravings go unsatisfied or you need a quick snack to fill you up. No more unrelenting punishment from dieting or eating so healthy you feel deprived. Subs are an all-around winning meal.


Let’s not forget the convenience of a sub. Subs are quick to make and even quicker to eat, and sometimes you might even have enough left over for the ride home.


At Bocce Club Pizza, we don’t just specialize in homemade pizzas, we also make fresh and ready to go submarines. We have a variety of bread, meat, cheese, vegetable and dressing options. Feel free to browse our website menu, order online, or stop by on your next lunch break.

The Struggle of Ordering Pizza with Other People

The Struggle of Ordering Pizza with Other People

Pizza comes in many different varieties and toppings. From Gluten-free or flavored crusts to thin crust, the amount of sauce to the variants of cheese, to splitting the pie toppings into half or cutting the pizza from slices into squares; the pizza choices are overwhelming! You don’t always want to stay in the same pizza decision but at the same time when you are ordering with others, your tastes might not be the same.


Quandaries become apparent and a decision to appease all must be made since you can’t order a pizza for everyone, that’s just not very economical unless you want to eat pizza for the next week. If you are fortunate enough to find those people in your life who are kindred pizza spirits then you have it easier than most, but if that’s not the situation what can you do?


Decisions, Decisions…


Depending on where you decide to get your scrumptious pizza can be a factor on how to alleviate this pizza creation dilemma. Luckily Bocce Club Pizza offers you a solution!


Instead of fighting over toppings (no one wants the mushrooms touching the pepperoni slices) or pizza style when ordering a whole or party pizza, order personal quarter pizzas or a half pie. Then everyone can be accommodated and feel like they are getting the pizza they want, satisfying the craving and hunger. This is all because of the chemistry makeup of the pizza…


It’s Chemistry My Dear Watson! (Video)


Your love of pizza understandable, because it’s science! As soon as someone brings up the thought of delicious pizza, in our minds we envision the tasty slice and it’s because of the chemical Maillard reactions that produce great pizza.


Well check out this cool video from the people at Reactions about what goes into pizza that makes it amazing.



Bocce Club Pizza is a traditional pizzeria with two great locations in the Buffalo area. Bocce’s has proudly served award winning, Buffalo’s favorite pizza since 1946. Whether you order your food for pickup, delivery or nationwide you won’t be disappointed! Make the right decision and get something delectable off the menu at Bocce Club Pizza today!




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Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before Thanksgiving

Vote Bocce Club Pizza for Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo

Thanksgiving is a day to feast with family and friends. As with any holiday, Thanksgiving heralds family members to travel from far and wide, to come in from out-of-town and celebrate the theme of being thankful together. The anticipation of tasting that succulent turkey, piping hot mash potatoes, mom’s famous stuffing, and delectable cranberry sauce is enough to make anyone drive hours just to savor and enjoy.


A delicious banquet like that can take days to prepare. With guests already staying at your house, it’s more than likely you are not going to want to cook for an army the night before the holiday.


So if you have hungry guests, salivating at the thought of all the scrumptious foods they will devour on Thanksgiving, what can you do to curb their appetite?Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before Thanksgiving


The most reasonable choice is to order out. Did you know that the day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for ordering out during the year? Why? Because the exact reason stated above, not many cooks can serve up a feast for a dozen people two nights in a row.


Pizza and wings is a meal that can satisfy all guests. A good pizza can even cater to those in your family who need to order a specialty or specialties, and are looking to eat healthier and gluten-free.


Bocce Club Pizza is the best choice for pizza when you need to feed the hungry holiday masses. Whether you’re ordering take-out or delivery, Bocce’s uses only the freshest most natural ingredients from 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough made from scratch and hand stretched daily.


Order some classic combinations like a cheese and pepperoni and BBQ flavored wings or a white pizza with medium sauce wings. You can’t go wrong with whatever combo you choose.


Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before ThanksgivingCheck out the menu, call or order online at either location (Bailey, Hopkins) today and have a Happy Thanksgiving from Bocce Club Pizza! And if you run out of leftovers from your turkey and want to eat something different, Bocce’s is great choice for the day after the holiday as well.






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