Most Popular Toppings On Your Pizza

Most Popular Toppings On Your Pizza

Delicious, well-made pizzas come in all shapes and sizes, and feature different types of sauces, cheeses, crusts, and toppings. One could even go as far as saying that a pizza is like a snowflake, no pizza can be made the same way. At any given night, choosing the perfect pizza and toppings for you or your family to eat is like choosing which hand you could live without or which child you could give up (we are hoping the answer is none).


Because pizza is so appetizing and can be customizable, it’s a challenge to decide which way you want to eat it. Some people can stay with the norm, eating pepperoni and cheese pizza consistently. Others need a change in diet or to get away from the traditional pattern, going down the road less traveled.


While some might cringe at the idea of topping their pizza with something other than cheese and pepperoni, these risk takers might get anchovies or pineapple on their pizza, and they like it! But does this idea of going away from the grain hold up across the nation? That’s what we are here to find out.


Five Toppings Most Commonly Used On Pizza


Great lengths have been made to reach these facts.  Many pizza pies have been created in order for the scientists to perform these studies, and the consumers have gone into pizza comas just to find out which toppings are used most (the humanity of it all). As a pizza connoisseur you might not even surprised by what toppings made the list, but here is what we have found out.


5. Bacon
4. Sausage
3. Onions
2. Mushrooms
1. Pepperoni


Though over 35% of the pizza ordered around America has just cheese, as you can see pepperoni still remains supreme as the go-to topping of the pizza customer. The other four toppings might not be a total surprise, but the order in which they rank might be. Onions at third is quite high. There are five more toppings that are pretty common on a pizza in no particular order; extra cheese, spinach, black olives, pineapple, and green peppers.


As to not start fisticuffs over toppings people have on their pizza, most pizza makers offer the genius option of ordering “half and half” so everyone can get the toppings they’d like. And of course specialty pizzas offer even more toppings and options that just one or two toppings.Most Popular Toppings On Your Pizza1


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