Don’t Wait Till Friday Just To Eat A Delicious Fish Fry At Bocce’s!


There are a few myths that need to be broken in the world of restaurant – takeout eating. One is that pizza is unhealthy, which is just not true (Read Eating Healthy, Gluten-Free Pizza in 2015). Another myth that needs to be busted is that fish fry is only meant to be eaten on Friday. It’s true; Friday’s are great days for takeout or going to the restaurant to eat.


After a week of work or whatever you might be doing to help provide for yourself and your family, it’s nice to not have to cook a meal. This type of thought can be any day, not just Friday, which is especially true when it comes to ordering and eating a Fish Fry.


Yes, there is the common alliteration of saying and advertising, “Friday Fish Fry!” or “Fish Fry Friday!”, that seems to be synonymous with many restaurants, but like all good things why wait till Friday to eat one?


Don’t Wait Till Friday Just To Eat A Delicious Fish Fry At Bocce’s!

Get The Best Fish Fry In Buffalo Today!


Go ahead, let loose and trick your belly into feeling like it’s a Friday. Get that scrumptious, well-prepared 10oz. Beer Battered Haddock and don’t feel like you cheated on Friday. Think of it as enjoying the finer things in life.


Bocce Club Pizza can help you with your fish fry craving! With the best fish fry in Buffalo, Bocce’s fish fry can satisfy and curb any hankering for fish, and it is available seven days a week! You could have seven days of fish fry if you were feeling frisky enough, but let’s be honest you know you want a slice or two of Bocce Club Pizza as well.


So order your fish fry today or any day and when you don’t want fish, check out the extensive menu at Bocce’s . Order online or call into either Amherst location. Don’t forget, if you are visiting out of state, live out of Buffalo or want to send a gift; Bocce’s can be delivered NATIONWIDE! In fact, whether they live in Buffalo or not, for those who know Bocce Club—pizza just isn’t pizza unless it’s Bocce Club Pizza. Get your tasty fish fry or delicious pizza today!



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