Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a day to feast with family and friends. As with any holiday, Thanksgiving heralds family members to travel from far and wide, to come in from out-of-town and celebrate the theme of being thankful together. The anticipation of tasting that succulent turkey, piping hot mash potatoes, mom’s famous stuffing, and delectable cranberry sauce is enough to make anyone drive hours just to savor and enjoy.


A delicious banquet like that can take days to prepare. With guests already staying at your house, it’s more than likely you are not going to want to cook for an army the night before the holiday.


So if you have hungry guests, salivating at the thought of all the scrumptious foods they will devour on Thanksgiving, what can you do to curb their appetite?Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before Thanksgiving


The most reasonable choice is to order out. Did you know that the day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for ordering out during the year? Why? Because the exact reason stated above, not many cooks can serve up a feast for a dozen people two nights in a row.


Pizza and wings is a meal that can satisfy all guests. A good pizza can even cater to those in your family who need to order a specialty or specialties, and are looking to eat healthier and gluten-free.


Bocce Club Pizza is the best choice for pizza when you need to feed the hungry holiday masses. Whether you’re ordering take-out or delivery, Bocce’s uses only the freshest most natural ingredients from 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough made from scratch and hand stretched daily.


Order some classic combinations like a cheese and pepperoni and BBQ flavored wings or a white pizza with medium sauce wings. You can’t go wrong with whatever combo you choose.


Top Days For Ordering Pizza: Day Before ThanksgivingCheck out the menu, call or order online at either location (Bailey, Hopkins) today and have a Happy Thanksgiving from Bocce Club Pizza! And if you run out of leftovers from your turkey and want to eat something different, Bocce’s is great choice for the day after the holiday as well.






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