How To Simplify Your Pizza And Healthy Wine Experience

How To Simplify Your Pizza And Healthy Wine Experience

Sometimes it’s not always about the appetizers when it comes to finding something to accompany and wash down your delicious pizza. Occasionally you want to pair your slices of warm, gooey and heavenly pizza with a liquid just as tasty and complimentary. Soda Pop is an common and popular choice, beer might satisfy some who indulge in that recreation, but combining pizza with wine is simply divine.


There are many amazing and healthy benefits from drinking wine, particularly that in moderation, it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. So not only can wine become a staple of your evening pizza meal, but it can also give you added bonuses for helping you maintain a healthy diet.


All you have to do now is figure out what wine goes best with the scrumptious pizza you like to eat. This is a challenge, and one that has been simplified by the creators of WinePair.


You Mean There’s An App For Pairing Wine With Pizza? How To Simplify Your Pizza And Healthy Wine Experience


That’s exactly what we mean.


It’s called The Wine & Pizza Pairing App and it helps the consumer figure out which wine will go best with the pizza they want to eat. Best of all it doesn’t limit you to a specific pizza or type of wine. You can choose pepperoni pizza and white wine or veggie pizza and red wine, and the many other multiple combinations that can be fruitful for your dinner.


Now all you have to do is order your favorite specialty pizza from Bocce Club Pizza and use the WinePair app, and figure out which wine is going to go best with your pizza. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new when you order from Bocce’s. There are always delicious items to try!


Order from either Amherst locations today and get your hands on Bocce Club Pizza today!



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