World’s Longest Pizza – Everyone Can Get A Slice!

World’s Longest Pizza – Everyone Can Get A Slice!

The Guinness World Records recently recorded a new broken record – for the World’s LONGEST Pizza! Set this year, at the Milan Expo 2015 World fair in Italy, the longest pizza checked in at 5,234 feet. That’s almost one mile long!


This mile-long pizza took over 18 hours to construct, and that’s with the help of 60 professional chefs! The pizza was as heavy as it was long and delicious, weighing in at 5 tons! The best part of this gigantic, amazing pizza is that the extra food was distributed to shelters for the needy and poor homeowners after the contest.


The previous pizza, which has just been beat, was a still impressive 3745 feet long! Created in Spain, chefs knew it would be a long time before they were topped by a longer pizza. That was until the Italian chefs swooped in and beat their record by over 1,000 feet!


The chefs stuck to traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. However, we have one very important question for you. If you were going to make a mile-long pizza, would you go all-out on ingredients? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments section below.


We have so many ideas, obviously, but our favorites include the Hawaiian Pizza (pineapple and ham), Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza (blue cheese and buffalo chicken), and of course the basic, but always adored, Bocce Club Pizza’s Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza.


How much would a mile-long Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza weigh? We can’t even think about it. You had us at mile-long pizza! Order your favorite Bocce pizza and menu items today!

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